Head Lice

Pediculosis (Head Lice)

St. Francis Catholic Elementary School will be conducting Pediculosis (head lice) checks in February and late spring.

Pediculosis/head lice are tiny bugs that live on the scalp of humans. They do not have wings so they cannot fly or jump. Head lice are not found on cats, dogs or other household pets. The bites from head lice cause itching and scratching. Nits are the eggs that head lice lay. Live eggs range in colour from off-white to dark brown, and are typically half the size of a pin head. Nits stick to the hair and do not fall off if touched. After nits hatch, the shells are white. These empty shells stay on the hair as the hair grows.

Head lice are not a reflection of being unclean. Head lice are a recurring problem which can affect anyone in direct contact. Once lice are present in a classroom or school, it can be difficult to manage without a careful screening process.


"For additional information, you can read the Board's Pediculosis - Policy 316 or visit the Durham Public Health Unit."